To Apply..

2019 Scholarship Grant Applications will be available in the Guidance Office of Shaler Area High School February 6, 2019.

Applications must be submitted by March 15, 2019.

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2018 Scholarship Recipients

Row 1 From Left to Right

Emily Weidner, University of Pittsburgh, Pharmacy

Katie McCourt, Ohio State, Chemical Engineering

Cara Roth, American University, Political Science

Hannah Polito, Temple, Business

Alexandra Wiseman, Duquesne, Finance

Kylie Syska, Dr. Lee Scholarship, Grove City, Early Childhood/Special Ed

Esther Kim, University of Pittsburgh, Economics/Statistics

Row 2 From left to Right

Morgan Bendal, Villanova, Engineering

Marc Kwiatkowski, Wayne George Scholarship, Virginia Tech, Engineering

Kevin Brown, Ohio State, Engineering

Sarah Umundap, University of Texas, Public Health

Maura Fisher, Humanitarian Scholarship, West Chester, Environmental Science

Sami Stipetich, CCAC, Criminal Justice

The Process

After applications and the interview process are completed, the Scholarship Committee makes its decision.

Recipients and their families are invited to attend the April meeting.

Recipients are presented to the Glenshaw Century Club members.

Scholarship amounts very according to merit and need.