The Glenshaw Century Club, Inc. 2018 Luncheon and Fashion Show "Seasons of Style"

Row 1: Models Heather, Andrea, Fran, Eileen model lovely outfits from Talbots

Row 2: Models Christi and Penny in lovely Talbots outfits; Money & More, Everything Pittsburgh, Tupperware, Wine Rack I, Time to Travel, Money Tree and Family Fun Baskets

Row 3: Vintage Bling; Vera Bradley, Pink Lottery Tree, and the Dyson Baskets

Row 4: Bark Bath, Pretty Woman, Raise the Jolly Roger, Tis the Season, and Looking Pretty Baskets

Row 5: For the Youngsters, You Go Girl, White Lottery Tree, Wine Rack II Baskets

Row 6: Members and Guests enjoy our event and For Your Garden Basket

Row 7: Our Future, and Members and Guests

Row 8: Thank you Members and Guests