The Glenshaw Century Club, Inc. Celebrating its 75 Year Serving Our Community

Row 1 Shows the Luncheon Booklet, Centerpiece, Table Setting and our Emcee

Row 2 Having fun at the Ball, Perman, Stromoski tables and general guests

Row 3 Betty and Joyce sell 50-50; Susan Ball and Eileen Bauer sell Basket Tickets; guests selecting baskets; Hampton Room

Row 4 Baskets - Orchid Lottery Tree; Kids of All Ages; Lottery Wreath; Michael Kors Purse

Row 5 Baskets - My Wine and Only; Vera Bradley; Home decor; White Flower Lottery

Row 6 Baskets - Gift Cards Galore; For Your Garden; Everything Pittsburgh; and Suzi Fisher emcees the Fashion Show

Row 7 Hats of the Ages; Huddleston Wedding Dress of the 1950s; Huddleston Photo; 1960s Wedding Dress

Row 8 Suzi Fisher's Wedding Dress 1970s and the Pattern; Abby Ritter models a 1940s dress; Peg Ainey models 1940 Women's Military Uniform

Row 9 Abby models 1950s Dress; Heather Perman models a 1960s outfit and shows the Drill Team Uniform of the 1960s; Abby models a 1960s dress; Peg models a 1960s dress

Row 10 Heather models a 1960s dress; Karen Griffith models a 1970s dress; Peg models a 1980s dress

Row 11 Karen models a 1980s dress; Abby models a 1980s dress; Johanna Morrison models her own 1980s dress given to her by her husband.