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2017 - 2018 Officers

Board of Directors:

President: Johanna Morrison

Secretary: Heather Perman

Treasurer: Edie Haughton

Legislative and Grants: Eileen Bauer

Board Members: Susan Ball, Fran Kraus, Betty Nesbit

Executive Committee

President: Heather Perman

First Vice President: Penny Erbe

Second Vice President: Christie Frisbee

Recording Secretary: Rose Wolfe

Corresponding Secretary: Eileen Phillips

Treasurer: Dianne Kelleher

Finance: Karen Griffith

Hospitality and Membership: Denise Bilka

Legislative and Grants: Eileen Bauer

Programs: Penny Erbe

Chatter: Pat George

Yearbook and Website: Edie Haughton

Publicity: Susan Ball

Social: Christie Frisbee

Welfare: Susan Fisher

Gala, House Tour, Craft Fair and Tea Table: Nancy Mathews, Dianne Strauss, Dianne Kelleher, Linda Bennardo, and Eileen Phillips

Spring Luncheon and Fashion Show: Edie Haughton, and Johanna Morrison

Officer Information

Board of Directors members must be members of the Club for 5 years and have served on the Executive Committee for two years. These are appointed positions with no term limits.

Executive Committee Officers are the President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer.

These officers serve up to 2 consecutive years.

A nominating committee presents a slate of officers in February and the election is held at the March general meeting.