Organized in 1946, The Glenshaw Century Club Inc. has always been a vibrant and forward-moving woman's club. The object of the club is:

To provide for the advancement of education and improvement of young men and women by granting scholarships based on merit and need.

To promote the good and welfare of the aged, poor, or distressed.

To raise funds for such purposes.

The Glenshaw Century Club Inc. is an IRS-approved 501(c)3 Public Charity.

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Scholarship News

The Glenshaw Century Club Scholarships were awarded to 9 students on April 25, 2017.

Click here to see our 2017 scholarship recipients.

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The Glenshaw Century Club Inc.

Glenshaw Century Club Gala

Wonderful times at 2017 Gala.

Thank you to all who attended the Gala, to our host and hostess Mike and Pat Sunseri who graciously opened their home to over 120 people, to those who worked so hard to make it a success. A photo of Pat Sunseri is shown above

This year, in addition to delicious appetizers and a wine bar, BOYD & BLAIR Potato Vodka/Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries, LLC sponsored a Gala Signature Drink Created by Mara Letterle, Commander of Oyster Operations at the Merchant Oyster Company. A picture of the drink, the vodka and the description is shown above.

We have many fun photos of the Gala and some of the Craft Fair.

Please Click Here to see Gala and Craft Fair photos. 


Many of you love the appetizers served at the Gala, part of our Fall event. As a special treat, the appetizer recipes have been placed on this website. You can click on the recipe page and copy/paste recipe to your computer.

Please Click Here to obtain the recipes. 

The Glenshaw Century Club 2017 House Tour, Craft Fair, and Tea Table

Thank you to those who attended the House Tour, Craft Fair and Tea Table, to the 4 home owners who graciously opened their homes for the tour, to the businesses who donated to our fund raiser and to those who worked so hard to make it a success

One of the homes on tour is a Sears Home and it is pictured above. It is on the National Registry.

Z Florist contributed several lovely flower arrangements to our House Tour. One of these arrangements is shown in the above photo.

These fund-raising events contribute to our scholarship grants, and our donations to civic organizations in our community.

We have many lovely photos of the Houses on Tour.

Please Click Here to see Photos of the Houses on Tour. 

Flower Power

Betty Nesbit, Linda Bennardo, Jane Furar create beautiful bouquets for UPMC St Margaret Hospital patients who are alone or have been in the hospital for a long time. Thank you to Z Florist and All In Bloom Florist for donating the flowers.

Because of you, our work can continue




2017 Donations

In April and May, 2017 the Glenshaw Century Club donated funds to:

9 Scholarships

Elfinwild Home Meals to You


Helping Hands of Millvale

North Hills Community Outreach

Shaler Activities for HCPD

Lower Glenshaw Library

Millvale Library

Shaler North Hills Library

Bread Of Life Food Pantry - Etna

Donations of items:


North Hills Community Outreach Pantry

Banjo Club visit to Kane Hospital - Held February and May of each year.

Care Bears - Over 1600 have been given to local hospitals, emergency rooms, ambulance services, and police stations.

Flower Power - our members create lovely floral arrangements for hospital patients.